To let organizers participate on the monetization of event recordings


The „Gesellschaft für die Wahrnehmung von Veranstalterrechten” (GWVR) was founded to let organisers participate on the revenues that are generated by the recordings of concerts. Organisers therefore get motivated to invest even more money and work into the development of new talents.

The GWVR uses the ancillary copyright of the promoter in accordance to § 81 UrhG (Copyright act) as a collecting society. Domestic and foreign promoters assign the promoters right in accordance to § 81 UrhG to the GWVR in trust by the conclusion of the collection agreement.

The GWVR exercises the assigned rights by granting licences to right distributors and by distributing the received license fees after deduction of collection and administrative costs to their members.

Licensees of the GWVR are for example:

  • Online services, which stream event recordings or make them available for download,
  • Radio stations or television channels, which broadcast event recordings,
  • Phonogram producers and video producers with event recordings.

About us 

The GWVR was approved as a collecting society by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. Thereby the GWVR has the rights and obligations of a collecting society under the Copyright Administration Law. The GWVR is organised in the legal form of a limited company. Sole shareholder of the GWVR is the “Bundesverband der Veranstaltungswirtschaft (bdv) e. V.”


Licensees of the GWVR are natural persons and legal entities, who monetize the rights exercised by the GWVR. These include for example phonogram and video producers of event recordings, radio stations and television channels broadcasting event recordings and online services such as YouTube or Spotify, which give access to event recordings on the web.