Complaint procedures

Complaint procedures (§ 33 VGG)


Complaints have to be expressed in text form (mail or written form) to the GWVR. The executive board will decide on the complaint within one month and has to give reason for its decision in writing. The executive boards decision can be appealed within one month. The advisory board decides whether to accept the appeal and has to justify its decision in writing as well. Subject of the complaint can be any act or omission of the GWVR, through which members or beneficiaries are concerned in their economical or ideational interests. In particular:

  • The inclusion and the termination of the management of rights or the withdrawal of rights,
  • the conditions of the membership and the conditions of perception,
  • the withdrawal, administration and allocation of income arising from the rights,
  • the deductions of the income arising from the rights.

Furthermore, the “arbitration board of the German Patents and Trademarks Office” can be invoked in these cases, which is stated under §§ 92, 93 VGG.